Monday 3 March 2014

National Family Health Survey

Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare
Three National Family Health Surveys (NFHS) have been carried out in the Country during 1992-93 (NFHS-I); 1998-99 (NFHS-II) and 2005-06 (NFHS-III).

Three rounds of Annual Health Surveys (AHS) were conducted in 2010-11 (AHS-I), 2011-12 (AHS-II) and 2012-13 (AHS-III) respectively. The results of first two rounds of AHS have only been released so far. Statements indicating performance of some of the key indicators from these surveys, State/UT-wise is given at Annexure-I & II.

NHFS-I covered 24 States and National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi whereas NFHS-II covered 25 States and NCT of Delhi. NFHS-III was conducted in all 29 States of the Country. The NFHS have not been covering Union Territories (UTs) as they constitute less than one percent of the Country’s population.
In the Annual Health Survey (AHS), nine States, namely Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Assam having poor fertility and mortality indicators were only covered.
No major restructuring of the survey format has been done. However, in order to take care of the latest programme developments some questions are added or deleted depending on the programmes’ need.
The steps taken by the Government to ensure compilation of true and objective data in  order to help the Government in making its future policies and programmes include:
·         Launching of web-based Health Management Information System for getting real time data from the States / UTs. Regular feedback is given on quality of data reported for taking corrective action. Further, monitoring teams during their visits to districts / facilities cross check the reported data with the data available in records.

·         Launching of Mother and Child Tracking System for tracking every pregnant women and new born  for ensuring Ante Natal & Post Natal Cheek ups, ensuring Institutional delivery  and Immunization  of Children. A Mother and Child Tracking Helpdesk has also been established to verify the services received and to provide information to the beneficiaries.

·      Conducting of large scale household surveys like National Family Health Survey, Annual Health Survey, District Level Household Surveys and Sample Registration System etc. periodically to get data on programme and impact indicators.
This was stated by Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare in a written reply to the Lok Sabha today.

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