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Steps for Safety of Coal Mines workers

Steps for Safety of Coal Mines workers
The Government have taken the following steps to ensure safety of mine workers in both Government and private coal companies:

·                     The matters relating to safety, health and welfare of persons employed in mines are covered under the Mines Act, 1952 and Rules and Regulations made thereunder.

·                     The Coal Mines Regulations, 1957 deal with safety provisions to be adopted in coal mines.

·                      The provisions relating to medical examinations, standards of health and sanitation, employment of persons including welfare amenities are made in the Mines Rules, 1955.

·                     All fatal and serious accidents including dangerous occurrences especially due to roof fall, fires, explosives, gases and many other causes are enquired into by Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS).

·                     After completion of enquiries, statutory/legal actions as deem fit including prosecution against the persons found responsible for the accidents are taken.

·                     Accidents are also technically analysed in details and based on findings of such analysis, technical circulars, instructions and guidelines are issued on various causes and failures to improve the standards of safety in mines and prevent recurrences.

·                     In order to make the mine workers and management more aware about the safety and health issues, safety week/fortnight, rescue and first-aid competitions are organized in the mines every year. National Safety Awards are also granted to the mine workers and management each year.

·                     Directives in the form of circulars, guidelines and instructions are being issued by DGMS from time to time, identifying the thrust areas on various subjects to improve safety and health conditions of mine workers.

To see that the mine management carries out the mining operations in accordance with the safety instructions, officers of Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS) make periodic inspections of mines and conduct enquiries into accidents and complaints. In case of non-compliance or violations observed by the Inspecting officers, notices, prohibitory orders and even prosecutions are launched in appropriate courts of law by DGMS.

In order to bring the latest technology in coal sector with a view to augment coal production and ensure the safety and to promote R&D in this regard a Standing Scientific Research Committee  (SSRC) under the chairmanship of Secretary (Coal) exists which oversee the R & D projects in coal sector. Following two R&D projects relating to latest technology and safety have been taken up by SSRC recently:-

·                     Development of Self Advancing (mobile) Goaf Edge Supports for depillaring operations in underground coal mines.
·                     Integrated communication system to communicate and locate trapped underground miners.

Further, the R & D Division of Coal India Limited has taken up following R & D projects.
·         Construction of quick setting stopping by using expansion foam agent to isolate fire.

·         Development of notch cutting machine to facilitate construction of stopping in UG.

·         Eliminating the possibility of ignition of gas and incidences of explosion in UG mines due to electric fault by application of innovative technology of fault diversion.

·         Studies on determination of free Silica (Alfa-content) in respirable air borne dust in coal mines and preparation of data bank of free Silica and other minerals present in dust as well as in coal.

In addition, Coal India Limited (CIL)  has also engaged a consultant for the study of modernization and upgradation  of CIL mines.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Coal, Shri Pratik Prakash Bapu Patil in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.

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